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Part 5 is being a poopy-face

September 3, 2009


Part 5 we're comin' to get cha!

Part 5 we're comin' to get cha!

Dear fans,


the final part of episode 1, in which Aunt Teak appraises the hell out of an alligator purse, is being difficult. I have uploaded, re-uploaded, compressed, de-compressed and then applied a warm compress to my brow, only to have a video with a black screen or a shitty digital version where we are so pixelated I’m not sure if I’m watching us or some retro fourteen year old play River Raid. Argh. Argh. Argh. 

But- do not fear. I am tenacious. I will prevail. I will deliver to you a quality program. And then some. 

please possess the patience I do not right now.


do what you liiiiiiiike

September 1, 2009

even if it’s eating jello off my chest, doing a spazzy hand dance, or mopping my bare ass.  just do it with a smile (and perhaps in a silver codpiece).

we gonna post up our first episode!

August 28, 2009

the first half is being compressed tonight and possibly posted by tomorrow. stay tuned.


love, Mandy & The Peabodys


August 28, 2009



“You bet your sweet ace I doo!”

-Murnold Pelvin of Bittens, Iowa (businessman)